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You can click on the first link above to go there directly.  You can buy as a guest user.  It is most popular in the USA and I have had very good success sending tracked airmail packets to the USA, Australia, and some other non-EU states.  I have also had good success sending tracked airmail packets to most EU states via Etsy.  Post labels printed via Etsy claim to have the EU VAT dealt with via some encoding in the barcode, but each country has tended to deal with packets sent from the UK somewhat differently over recent years.  Sending to the EU from UsefulComponents is currently available for many countries via Etsy.  If your packet does not arrive I will always refund.  If you get charged import VAT and accompanying charges, sorry.  I have complied with all regulations and recommendations.

Etsy search from within the site has recently become AI infested.  (MAY 2023, possibly earlier)  This has made many searches useless, changing words such as "click" to "clock," "mono" to "mona," without any option to disable this unwanted function.  I despair.  The second link shown above will take you to a spreadsheet type inventory page where you can perform your own manual text search, and actually find what you might want without it being hidden by the ASS.  (Artificial Stupidity, Stupid!)  I intend to update this weekly.

The Useful Components Shop on UK-Based Online Marketplace OnBuy

You can click on the above link to go there directly.  OnBuy is a bit weird, but I've sold some things there and the customers are happy.  My post options there currently exclude EU locations.

The Useful Components Shop on Amazon UK

For general electronic parts, Amazon is a madhouse of crusty old listings scraped from the 'net by drop-shipping programs back in the early 21st century.  These tend be very poor quality listings packed with incorrect information and they serve only to block sales of thousands of items.  Amazon systems are also in a state of insane confusion over what constitutes a named seller, brand, manufacturer, and who may be honoured with the gift of selling what on their tat-infested platform.  Nonetheless, I hope to navigate this minefield and add more items with proper descriptions and pictures.  If you like to use Amazon, a few of my more popular items are available there now.  My post options there currently exclude EU locations.

Extinct Places

I no longer have any presence whatsoever on the most well-known online marketplace, nor would I wish to, ever again.  I do not want to make a direct link or reference here, but you can see the details by searching for the sister site to Useful Components, the less professional and more entertainment based "Interesting Electronics"

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