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Choccy Block Crystal Set Radio Kit

A sensitive, small and easy to build crystal set available as a kit of electronic parts.

Choccy Block Six Transistor MW AM Radio Kit

A fully portable modern replacement for the Ladybird Book Transistor Radio using a single tuned TRF design, available as a kit of electronic parts, built without soldering using terminal strips.

Breadboard Six Transistor MW AM Radio Kit

A quicker to build version of the MW AM radio kit using a plug-in breadboard.

Choccy Block Alternate Flashing Light Flip-Flop

A simple circuit for alternately flashing two or more LEDs or lamps with output transistors to drive up to 0.5A

Choccy Block Simple Ring Modulator

A simple diode and transformers ring mod to make your "Dalek" or "Sapphire and Steel" sound effects, as well as some analogue synth bell timbres.

Landline Telephone Tape Recorder Output Socket

A safe and easy way to record important telephone conversations on your landline.

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