Non-Polar or Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitor 4.7uF, 16V

Non-Polar or
            Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitor 4.7uF, 16VBipolar or Non-polar Capacitor Schematic Symbol

Non-Polar and bipolar are both used to describe electrolytic capacitors which may have a voltage of either polarity applied.  In this particular case, the only indication that the capacitor is a bipolar type is the absence of a polarity marking.  Often there will be some other indication such as an "N.P." mark.
  The schematic symbol is usually that of an ordinary capacitor.  These need to be used where you can't guarantee that the voltage on the capacitor will always be in the correct direction, often due to there being a significant a.c. signal voltage which inverts the polarity for some of the time despite there being a correct average d.c. bias on the cap, or when there is no signal present.  (This is a very common mistake seen when normal electrolytic capacitors are used as a d.c. blocker in real hi-fi amps and old TV sets.  The capacitor dies, but only after a year or so, by which time you've manufactured thousands of units)

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