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This is the Useful Components top level index page, now also the home of HJW Electronics®, the brand name for my kits and some other items for sale.

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Sales Outlets

My sales outlets are currently via the following online marketplaces:

Useful Components OnBuy Shop

UsefulComponents Etsy Shop

Useful Components Amazon Shop

If you were looking for some of those difficult to find electronic parts previously sold on, "The Other Place," and can't see them on the sites above, please contact me at the email address below.  I hope to be making everything available direct from this site over the coming months.

If you were looking for some electronic project ideas and other amusement you might like to view my more hobby related site:

Interesting Electronics,

My main email address which is checked daily including the spam folders is:

Henry J.
          Walmsley main email address

Useful Components Facebook Page:

Useful Components Twitter: @usefulcomponent    (no 's,' on the end. That would be too long)

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11-JUN-2023: Added Onbuy and Amazon outlets